Custom yoga sequencing for your practice

Whether you are new to yoga or quite familiar - we have space for you. Build community, strength, & awareness through your practice to carry into daily life. 


Who I am

- Alexander Jeffers, 4.5 year practicing yogi 

- 200hr registered yoga instructor - trained in vinyasa yoga @ Enso Yoga in Media, PA

- Foundations of trauma sensitive yoga certified

- Musician - four year bass player

- Entrepreneur - dog walking and yoga

- Family - son, brother, nephew, uncle (to humans & dogs)



Yoga (for me) has played a key roll in maintaining my day to day. No matter the environment, I pride myself in adaptability. This allows me to build connections with people and space. Creating safe spaces where ever we are throughout life is key. We do however need to be a bit uncomfortable to find that comfort. This is where asanas come in. Allowing the necessary stress needed on the physical self to create mental strength and stability.